Reusing Jewelry

Repurpose your old jewelry by turning it into something completely new

If you’re keeping on to some old, outdated jewelry and looking to make an environmentally friendly choice, than consider reusing your jewelry. It is the most environmentally friendly way to make jewellery as it doesn’t require any new natural resources. It can be a great way to preserve a family heirloom, keeping the sentimental value.

Some things to consider if you’re thinking about reusing your jewellery:

  • When recycling precious metals, keep in mind that some metals are better suited to recycle than others. For example, reused white gold is may experience cracking.
  • The best metals for reusing jewellery tend to be platinum and palladium, and yellow or rose gold.
  • Sometimes we have to add new materials to your old item in order to create a new piece for you.
  • Gemstones often need to be examined before it can be determined if they can be reused.

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